About Sheriff Tim Pounds

Sheriff Tim Pounds is seeking re-election to serve a second term as Sheriff of Douglas County, Georgia, where he wants to continue to lead the DCSO in enforcing the laws equally, fairly, and impartially to everyone. He firmly believes that there is no progress without change. Sheriff Pounds seeks to continue to make those integral changes that will continue to transform and heal the community where he was born and reared.

Sheriff Tim Pounds grew up in a family of 14 children in the Post and Ephesus Church Road area of Winston, Georgia. He graduated from Douglas County High School in 1975. Tim Pounds is married to Joy McLaughlin Pounds. Their family consists of seven children and eight grandchildren. Sheriff Pounds and Joy are active members of Crossroads for Life Ministries Church in Douglasville, Georgia.

Prior to his role as Sheriff, he worked in law enforcement for 38 years. He started as a patrol officer with the Douglasville Police Department, and his career has been progressive under his three predecessors, starting with Earl Lee during the 70's, 80’s and early 90’s. After which he worked under Sheriff Tommy Waldrop and Sheriff Phil Miller before retiring and running for Sheriff. Sheriff Tim Pounds has served in every division of the Sheriff's Office, which allows him great empathy for all employees and staff within the DCSO. This career span has equipped him with vast knowledge and experiences working with the community. He worked his way up through the ranks from a jailer to the Division Commander of the Warrant/Civil Division before retiring in 2015.

Shortly after taking office in January 2017, the DCSO has adopted a new motto, "Progress is Impossible Without Change." Presently, the DCSO employs about 325 employees, inclusive of sworn officers and civilians and operates an approximate budget of $36 million.

How Sheriff Tim Pounds Positively Changed Douglas County

  • More Law Enforcement Community-oriented Policing

    Under the leadership of Sheriff Tim Pounds, the DCSO has become more involved within their local communities. The Polar Patrol Ice Cream Truck, Sound Truck and mobile grill are initiatives that allow law enforcement officers to interact with children and parents and making those personal connections necessary to bridge the gap between them and the community.

  • C.L.E.A. (Citizen's Law Enforcement Academy)

    The C.L.E.A. Program has expanded since 2017 now serving two 12-week sessions per year. C.L.E.A. allows citizens an opportunity to increase their understanding of the operations of the Sheriff's Office and the role it plays in the community.